Rising Damp/Proofing

What is "Damp"

Rising damp is particularly prevalent in older houses that may not have a damp course or whose previous damp treatments have been breached or failed. The consequences of this can lead to salting in the walls that can absorb moisture from the atmosphere, thus keeping the walls damp. Rising damp will turn steel to rust and allow fungi to attack wood, compromising the structural integrity of the building.

The cause and treatment of rising damp

Water rises from the ground through the foundations and up into the walls by capillary action, carrying with it dissolved salts, which in time become more and more concentrated and leach through plasterwork leading to spoiling of decoration and weakening of plaster. These effects are caused by the lack of, or failure of, an existing damp-proof course, which can be remedied by the installation of new chemical damp-proof course.

What we offer

DPRSpecialists can treat rising damp by:
  • Injection of a chemical damp course
  • Tanking, which involves installing a sealed membrane system with incorporated drainage
  • Re-plastering of salt affected plaster
  • Additional external treatments may also be required

"DPR Specialistst" offer a free damp survey for all home owners to help identify which methods would be most suitable for your property.To book a survey call us and our dedicated team member will be on hand to help.