Condensation is the change of gas in to liquid and is the reverse of vaporization this is called deposition. It is caused by many things like poor ventilation, having a shower, taking a bath, cooking food, breathing and washing & drying clothing inside your house. Condensation in houses is an unwanted phenomenon as it causes dampness, wood rot, peeling decorations, corrosion and can cause mould health issues.

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Condensation solving unit systems PIV range is trusted by social housing providers, new build developers and private landlords as a cost-effective, whole-house system that prevents condensation and black mould from damaging homes and the health of occupants. Designed for 2 and 3 storey homes with lofts, flats, apartments and basements.

PIV is a fit-and-forget technology that requires minimal energy to run and minimum effort to maintain. The PIV strategy, also known as an Alternative System within Part F of building regulations, works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the dwelling ensuring that old, contaminated moisture laden air is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality air. The result is improved air quality and a healthy living environment in which condensation cannot exist.

Positive Input Ventilation