Structural repairs

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

A cavity wall is as strong as a solid wall but only when the inner and outer leaf of brickwork is securely tied together by wall ties which are in good condition and fitted correctly. A lack of properly installed wall ties can lead to distortion, cracking or in extreme cases the collapse of the outer brick leaf. We use the Stainless-steel Thor Helical CD Wall Tie for cavity wall tie replacement & brick pinning. The original cavity wall ties have to be isolated from the outer leaf in order to prevent them from corroding any further and causing more damage.

CLintel Reinforcement

Many houses constructed with cavity walls did not have lintel reinforcement in the outer leaf and the brickwork was supported by the load bearing window frame. We use Thor Helical Masonry Lintel reinforcement to form a lintel before the non-load bearing UPVC windows can be installed. This method of forming lintels costs significantly less than installing conventional lintels. This method can also be used to form lintels where new windows have been installed, for solid walls with defective wooden lintels and to failed masonry arches etc.

Crack Stitching

We use Thor Heli force Crack Stitching Bars which are ideal for the masonry repair of wall cracks where shear strength is an issue. This 6mm diameter wall crack stitching reinforcement offers extra performance significantly increasing the shear, tensile and flexural strength of cracked masonry walls.